Ladder Cutout Split Back T-shirt…

If there is something that I love about clothes is that they have to be comfortable. This one is a great example of it. At the front it looks like a plain regular shirt, but the back is unique and pretty. It is called “ladder cutout” and it gives your back a sexy look. You

White graphic dress…

Make your favorite summer staple feel cold weather-appropriate. Supposedly wearing white during Winter time its consider “inappropriate” well, in this post I will show you how to wear it and look good. I got this dress from SheIn and I like that it is not plain white, it has a pretty nice graphic and a

Winter Black cape…

Capes are a fashion trend I see quite often on the runways but have personally never tried until I received this one. I do not like Winter at all but trying to look good and feel comfortable with clothes like this make this season a little bit easier. Today I am wearing a black long

Rock your next workout…

Whether your workout involves running, walking, playing sports or using gym equipment, a good sport shoe is a must. Investing in a quality shoe can help you to prevent foot and ankle damage, and make your workout a more pleasant and comfortable experience. I am a gym rat and of course I am always looking

Square Cash: Great for the holidays!

  Square Cash is a personal cash transfer service that allows individuals to directly send cash amounts to each other via email or by downloading the mobile app linked to a debit card. If you are like me and love traveling and going to concerts with friends and ensure your seats are together this is

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Belu Barriga

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