White Jumpsuit…

It may be the color of wedding dresses, but there’s nothing bridal about wearing white. White adds serious pop to any color worn elsewhere. So whether you’re headed out to brunch, the office, or a concert, you will rock the color flawlessly. There’s nothing sexier than a hot white jumpsuit that makes you glow when

Jugosa y fit…

Estoy super metida en la onda de vivir saludable y hacer muchísimo ejercicio, empece hace exactamente 3 meses a ir al gimnasio todos los días por al menos 1 hora. La verdad es que ir al gym no es el problema ni me cuesta para nada levantarme a las 5 de la mañana, lo difícil

Saltando de un paracaídas…

La idea de saltar de un avión en paracaídas siempre me llamo la atención! Pero soy una de las personas mas miedosas que pueden existir, tengo miedo a la altura, a la velocidad a las películas de terror y a veces a la obscuridad. Suena raro que la idea de saltar me haya llamado la

Black on black…

The darkest shade in the book gets a bad reputation for not being summer-appropriate, but the trick of wearing black in the summer is all in the fabrics you choose. As much as we like playing with light summery colors, it’s near-impossible to avoid the urge to throw on basic black pieces—even during the hottest

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Belu Barriga

Belu Barriga

My name is Belen, and if you are from Ecuador then your aunt, your sister, your cousin, your middle name, your brother’s girlfriend and your illegitimate grandfather’s mistress twice removed is also named “Belen.” What can I say, maybe there is something in the air in that part of the world, Read more >

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