My name is Belen, and if you are from Ecuador then your aunt, your sister, your cousin, your middle name, your brother’s girlfriend and your illegitimate grandfather’s mistress twice removed is also named “Belen.” What can I say, maybe there is something in the air in that part of the world, after all, it is right smack in the middle of the planet. Anyway, because of that, I rather you call me “Belu,” just for originality’s sake. Speaking of originality, welcome to my awesome blog, you are now part of the “Belu Barriga Experience,” tan tan tan! Ehhhh, not into theatrics? OK, but welcome anyway, let me tell you a little more about me.

I am a free spirit who needs constant mental stimulation. I love life and I love to travel and experience all the beauty that this world has to offer. I get bored quickly! If a weekend goes by where I am not in motion, planning something, or living life to the fullest than it was just another weekend. I did not like working out at first, it was just not my thing. But once I got the bug I couldn’t imagine a whole week going by without going to the gym at least three times. And ladies, have you seen the world of fashion in workout gear, it is another stratosphere in itself! Leggings, and sneakers and sweats oh my, leggings and sneakers and sweats oh my! But on a serious tip, Latinas, we are some of the most beautiful women in the world, but we are also in some of the highest statistical risks in health ailments as well, most of them dealing with poor eating habits and lack of exercise. So I decided to do my part and show everyone, young and old and black and brown and everyone in town what fun healthy living can be!

In my blog you will see everything from how to make a delicious and healthy avocado salad to what to wear to that formal party. I will hopefully give you the courage to go sky diving, and believe me, I am a scaredy cat, so if I could do it so could you! And let’s face it, we all need that boost from people from time to time to make us feel great. We all have our ups and our downs, and often times we hold ourselves back from experiencing the world, but not anymore, not if I can help it. Thank you for bringing me into your world, welcome to mine!