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The best of visiting Israel!

Do you have a bucket list? I do, and it consists of a lot of traveling around the world. Israel, one of the most historic countries and regions that shares within its boundaries three of the world’s major religions was never really on my bucket list. However, after getting the incredible opportunity to travel there

Road trip driving a Mitsubishi Outlander Sport!

If you have an active lifestyle like I do, then having a car that suits your everyday needs is essential! I need a vehicle that has enough room for my exercise gear, groceries, and of course the impromptu shopping spree. Which is why a car like the Mitsubishi Outlander Sport 2018 is perfect for me.

Adventures at Harpers Ferry!

As you all know I love outdoors activities 🙂 specially during summer time. This past weekend I took my family to Harpers Ferry which is really close to the DMV area (1 or 2 hours the most) There are a few activities that you can try and here are the details of what we did.

Adventures in Cancun….

If you are planing to travel and you are not sure where, Cancun is one of the best options, also If you already decided to go to Cancun, here are a few recommendations of what to do, what attractions to visit and how to enjoy your stay. There are direct flights to Cancun from the

Our fun adventures… Nuestras aventuras!

Im sure most of you realized how much Will and me enjoying to new places, eating different food and learning new adventures. Well I am going to post some pictures and descriptions of our days out there enjoying ourselves. Baltimore, MD If you have any new places that you would like us to visit or

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Belu Barriga

My name is Belen, and if you are from Ecuador then your aunt, your sister, your cousin, your middle name, your brother’s girlfriend and your illegitimate grandfather’s mistress twice removed is also named “Belen.” What can I say, maybe there is something in the air in that part of the world, Read more >

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