The magic box at River Mountain!


This post is sponsored by River Mountain, however all ideas are my own.

Due to the pandemic all my trips were cancelled this year.  I had a trip scheduled to visit the Grand Canyon this past March to celebrate my best friend’s 30th birthday but that got postponed as well.

But one of my mottos in life is that everything happens for a reason, and sure enough life offered us another amazing outdoor adventure opportunity only two hours from the Washington, DC area called River Mountain. They invited me to come and enjoy an escape to nature for a weekend and I happily accepted!
I invited my “Gordo,” my best friend for the past twelve years to come along. For our first trip ever together it turned out to be an emotional and super fun experience.
River Mountain is a natural paradise in the state of Pennsylvania, and it’s only two hours from Washington, D.C.  There you will find “magical cabins,” or what I call “Cajas Magicas,” that are contemporary in style but yet minimalistic enough for the outdoors and very relaxing!
They are log cabins with rooms on two different levels, and since we were the only ones there we stayed on the upper level.  The upper rooms have a skylight where you can lay down and watch the moon and the stars in perfect clarity.  Each cabin has plenty of bathrooms and showers for the guests.
There are tons of things to do in the vast 150 acres that make up River Mountain.  You can go biking, hiking, kayaking, running, or visit the town.  In the evenings you can relax on a hammock, or enjoy a glass of wine by the bonfire, yes, this place thought of everything!  One of my favorite activities was designing my own sign in the arts and crafts workshop.
I am thrilled about my experience there.  The people were wonderful, the food was great, and it was fun visiting the local businesses. I cannot wait to go back to take my Bruno, my one year old Red Fox Lab so he can run around and have fun next time as well.
Yes, attention dog lovers, you can bring your best canine friend along too. This place was truly magical, and you are certain to see more pictures and videos from this true nature escape.
It is important to know that during the pandemic they are only booking at 50% capacity.  You can reserve an entire cabin per traveling group if you wish.  They go out of their way to make sure the premises are clean and sanitized to keep everyone safe.
If you are looking for a place to go with your family, with friends, or even to unwind on your own, River Mountain is truly an ideal place to visit!


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