Attention all my DIY ladies, Walmart and Quaker State have your next project…

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Let’s face it ladies, it is absolutely necessary to drive a well maintained and safe vehicle on the road, not just for yourselves, but for the others you share the road with.  So leave it to Walmart to come to our rescue in the vehicle maintenance department!  For all my “do it yourselfers” out there, Walmart has QTs of Quaker State® Ultimate Durability™ Full Synthetic Motor Oil  for the everyday low price of $20.24! Five quarts is about the average amount of oil that you will need to replace once you empty out the dirty old oil from the engine.

Think of it like an herbal cleansing for your engine.  I used the 5 QT version at Walmart on rollback for a great everyday low price of $20.24 to change my oil and I will show you how easy it can be.  Even if you are still not confident just yet to try for yourself, Walmart has the DIFM (Do it For Me) option at their Walmart Auto Centers if you need to save a little time and energy, for only $19.88.  Either way, Walmart’s got your back!

But wait, I know what you are saying, “Belu, I never really needed to learn how to change my oil.”  Yes, neither did I, but that was until I realized that an oil change did not need to cost $80 plus! Let me break that down for you in more relative terms.

If I change the oil myself on my car with Quaker State Oil, that will cost me roughly $25 bucks, and leave the extra $55 left that I save for something else, hmm, let me think, get my hair done maybe?  Not to mention that as Latinas, we have had a tio work on all of our cars at one point or another in life, so how cool would it be to empower ourselves in that capacity?  Sorry tio, but we got this!  All you need is an oil filter tool, which you can also buy at Walmart for around $6, and of course an oil filter, and you’re ready to be a grease monkey for the day.

Ok chicas, this is what you will need –

1 – Quaker State® Ultimate Durability™ Full Synthetic Motor Oil 5 QT

2 – An oil filter (specific to your car make and model)

3 – An oil filter tool (this is to unscrew the old oil filter and to put in the new one)

4 – A wrench to unscrew the bolt at the bottom of the engine to drain the oil

5 – An oil pan or something to catch the old oil

6 – A funnel to pour in the new oil

First thing is first, wear something that you don’t mind getting dirty, because you will need to get underneath your car.  Also, your owners’ manual will tell you what type of oil to use, SAE 10W-30 is what I’m using, yours may say something else, and those numbers are written on the container.

Step 1 – you need to get underneath the car to unscrew the bolt under the engine oil pan, which is usually curvy and one of the lowest parts of the actual motor.  What size socket you use may vary depending on car make and model.

Step 2 – get an oil drain pan or something to catch the oil that will pour out of the engine once you loosen that bolt.  DO NOT DISCARD THE OIL INTO THE ENVIRONMENT!

Step 3 – Wait for all the oil to drain.  Check your car’s make and model to see where your oil filter is located.  It usually is at the bottom close to the oil pan, but in my car for example it is actually on top of the engine and no special oil filter tool is needed.  I can unscrew it with a regular wrench, so you have to look into that part yourself.  It is not difficult at all to unscrew it and put the new one in.

Step 4 – Once you have drained all the oil, put the bolt back into the oil pain so you close the hole.  Get your new Quaker State Oil and your funnel.  Find the oil fill port/opening somewhere at the top of the engine and put the funnel in, then add your oil, it is literally that simple!  Also, do a final check with your dipstick to make sure you added enough oil (or did not overfill), but the hard part is done, and was it really that hard?

There you go, not only was it not really that difficult, you will feel like you accomplished something, because you did!  So long $80 oil changes, hello much needed pedicure instead!


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