Best recovery drink ever!

This post is sponsored by V8, but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

I have come across many healthy living and nutrition products throughout my fitness quest. I have spent countless hours researching what the best foods are to have in your diet plan. One book will tell you to eat one thing and another will tell you not to eat the same exact thing. There is so much information out there that it will make your head spin. Well, thanks to V8 and their new V8+HYDRATE drink, which uses the bonafide super food that is the sweet potato, we have a new great product to add to the list of “must-haves” for the active health nut in your life. Another plus of these drinks are the 3 amazing flavors! Orange Grapefruit, Strawberry Cucumber, & my favorite, Coconut Watermelon!

I work out every day, and hydration is key to replenish the water lost through perspiration. So are nutrients like electrolytes and glucose to help your body recover for the next round of activities that you have in stored for the day. And yes ladies, I’m talking to you, this includes school, work, and of course shopping (yes, shopping could also be considered a sport for many of us)! This means giving our body what it needs to stay active throughout the entire day.

V8 +HYDRATE has natural electrolytes from sweet potato juice. I knew that the sweet potato was great for you, and now I can drink it too! V8+HYDRATE also has a full serving of veggies, only 45 calories, and no sugar or artificial sweeteners added. Plus, it’s gluten free and vegan friendly. It’s perfect after my cardio days where I burn hundreds of calories, or at home when I need to quench my thirst with something healthy. Try new V8+HYDRATE for yourself, it definitely has become part of my arsenal of goodies for my active lifestyle.



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