Boring Bites Become Better With My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream

This post is sponsored by My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.
So stop with the boring snacking and make your chosen bites more bold, beautiful and all around better with these balls!

I am not sure if it’s just me or if this happens to everyone else, but every day I am craving  something sweet right around 2 or 3pm. Something small but good, sweet, and enough to satisfy my cravings. When I found these mochi ice cream treats wrapped in soft, sweet rice dough I realized that these are the perfect snacks for anytime.

Once you try My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream you will become addicted. I eat them during the day, on the weekends, take them to a picnic and also share them with my friends at any get together. They have several flavors and all of them are delicious.  You will want to finish your meals just so you can get to the best part, dessert! My/Mo Mochi Ice cream are fun, interesting, tasty, chewy, and yummy.  These bites are perfect for any age, but your kids will love them!

I am someone who loves to try delicious treats from all over the world.  If you are adventurous like me, and you never have tried Japanese style mochi then get to your nearest store and get My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream and see what you have been missing!


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