Dermal Infusion facial!


Honestly I’ve never really cared that much about my skin (big mistake) I always follow the same routine, cleanser, moisturizer that contains sunscreen and then my make up; I never care what my products have as long as they do not damage my skin that was good enough. Lately I been having some hormonal breakouts, acne scars, and dryness—

Recently I had the opportunity to visit Skenspa, and thanks to their Nurse Practitioner, Ashley, I found all the details of what the right way to take care of my skin is suppose to be; she recommended some products that will benefit my skin and also the right way of using them. (everyone is different) but in my case I should be using a cleanser, blemish control bar, serum, eye gel, and sheer tint.

The fun part about my visit was getting a dermal infusion facial, an exfoliating treatment that made my skin brighter and smoother after just one appointment. The machine is little but it has super powers, is equipped with a diamond plate (to gently buff away clogged pores and dry skin) that sits in the middle of a low-pressure vacuum (to suck up dead skin and dirt), which is enclosed in a serum-filled chamber (to push customized serums straight into your pores).

The treatment was quick, not more than 25 minutes but the results and difference of my skin is definitely permanent. Skenspa has everything you are looking for, they do facials, botox, fillers, microneedling, microblading and the best part is if you are in the state of VA they will go to your home!

I will take my skincare routine serious and make sure I get these dermal infusion facial at least once a month. I recommend you to do the same!

Phone: 703-862-4236


Address: 2778 Washington Blvd, Arlington VA 22201

Website: here 



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