Healthy hair with Hask products

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Good looking hair is healthy hair.

If your hair is looking limp, frizzled, or otherwise unhealthy, you might want to reconsider your hair care regime. Personally I have a lot of hair and I flat iron it at least 2 times a week, so for me the treatment that I pick for my haircare has to be the best treatment.

I am a fan of Hask haircare products, this is not the first time I try them and every time I get them I realized they get better and better. This time I got the Hydrating Fig & Honey products that so far are giving my car a glow not only before hair iron it but also after.

This innovative shampoo blends rich Greek yogurt and fruit extract to cleanse and replenish your parched hair. Creamy Greek yogurt is protein-packed and full of calcium to help nourish and moisturize. Vitamin rich fig provides weightless nourishment, while honey is full of nutrients to help fight dryness and leave your hair with a glossy shine.


With just a squeeze, these ingredients come together, creating the perfect blend to help refresh and restore dehydrated hair to its natural beauty. Figs Honey and Greek yogurt are filled with so many good for you benefits – calcium, potassium and vitamins that help nourish and moisturize the hair. And these days, I also try some hair replacement toupee for more style. When these ingredients come together the formula hydrates and restores dehydrated hair to its natural beauty. It also smells really really good! I f you love natural products as I do, you definitely have to try it.

Cuidar de tu cabello debe siempre ser una prioridad; personalmente tengo el cabello seco (bastante) por que me lo plancho por lo menos 2 veces por semana. Es por eso que es muy importante que use productos que me ayuden a hidratarlo y mantenerlo saludable.

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Esta no es la primera vez que uso productos de la linea Hask, pero lo que me encantan de estos es la combinación de ingredientes naturales que es muy poco tiempo me han dado resultados. Por ejemplo la mezcla de yogurt, miel e higos hace que los nutrientes del cabello se mantengan desde la raíz hasta las puntas.

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Esta formula hidrata el cabello dandole un look mucho más saludable manteniendo el look brillante del cabello. Aparte de que huele delicioso, cada uno de estos ingredientes que contienen calcio, potasio y vitaminas logran que tu cabello luzca con mucha más vida.

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