Neutrogena® Mask Collection – “It’s in the Gel”


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Yes! Neutrogena is by far one of my favorite skin care brands; now they have a new mask collection to take care of your skin.  Two convenient options; Neutrogena Hydrogel sheet mask and Single-Use Mask Shots. Supercharge your favorite Neutrogena skincare regimen.

These mask saturate your skin in nourishing essence and locks it in. You can use the one for the day or the one over night, the results are amazing and instantaneous. In 15 minutes you have hydrated plump skin perfect for flawless makeup application. Or for deep hydration and wake up to plump glowing skin.

It’s in the Gel. Neutrogena® is the only brand that offers 100% hydrogel face masks made of seaweed extract that perfectly contour to your skin to seal in a bottle’s worth of serum! After using the mask, skin is clear, bright and definitely fresh and textured. If you are traveling you can take it with you in your purse! Love it!


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