Roadtrip in a Mazda!

This is a sponsored post, however all opinions are my own! 

If you live in the Mid Atlantic region like I do then an all wheel drive is essential for getting around.  Our winters are not too crazy, but that does not mean that Mother Nature doesn’t test us from time to time.  Which means that if you do not have the right wheels then you may just be taking a chance on bad weather becoming the boss of you.  Luckily Mazda has come out with their CX-3, their compact sports SUV model that has you covered.  For me it was the perfect size vehicle, not too big like those huge vehicles were I can’t see over the hood and not too small either were I felt like I was in a remote control car.  But just keep in mind that it is a compact car, so those of you are on the long and tall side of life may want a little more leg room.

The car has all the bells and whistles that I have become so fond of from Mazda.  Full navigation station, alloy wheels, leather seats, XM/Sirius Satellite radio, seat warmers for those early morning starts, sunroof, and a heads up display that let’s you know exactly how fast you are driving.  Not to mention it also tells you how fast you SHOULD be driving based on the speed limit, thanks mom, I mean, Mazda!  The inside is super sporty and very comfortable.  Does excellent on a road trip, and although it is a sportier version for the handling, you do not sacrifice comfort for traction control.  However, because it is a compact size car the hatchback trunk only fits but so much luggage.  So, if you have that one buddy who has to take everything on a trip with him including the kitchen sink, well, just let him know he has to go light if he wants to ride with you.  Also, for a compact car, it was not as fuel efficient as others in the comparable range.  But in every other aspect it is a heck of a car that packs a nice punch.
I loved my test drive and Mazda continues to prove that their Zoom Zoom generation is all grown’s up now and can sit at the big table.  But wait, I almost forgot, the price starts at $20,000!  How is Mazda able to offer so much in a car for such an incredible price?  Answer:  who cares!  Whatever they are doing I hope they keep doing it because they really are cranking out a great product.
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