The undisputed heavy weight champion of plastic bags…

This post is sponsored by Glad® but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

It is super fun to get together with friends and family, eating and drinking are always a good plan and of course summer is a perfect time to do so. What is not fun at all is to clean and pick everything up afterwards specially when you have lots of empty bottles and piles of trash.

I have to accept it, I am a clean freak and I am always checking the trash. I hate waiting for the bag to get full because I am scared it will rip but now that I found Glad Advanced Protection trash bags. all my worries have disappeared. These bags are super mega strong, they can handle anything and when I say anything I really mean it. They passed the torture test and if you want to see more of it check it out here: Glad Advanced Protection trash bags. 

We had a get together with friends and we didn’t need more than one bag to fit all the trash when we normally need at least three or four and that was always a problem. With Glad Advanced Protection trash bags we cleaned the room quickly, easily and just 1 bag held bottles, leftovers, unwanted cake, napkins and a lot more and the room looked like nothing happened. I am so happy that these bags are now part of my cleaning kit and that the box will last longer since I don’t have to use several bags to hold my trash, one is enough!


I will also use them to hold my winter jackets, to donate some clothes and for work equipment, they are so strong that they can be used for anything. Find yours at Walmart and create a Torture Test of your own to discover the toughness of Glad!


1. Superior Strength: Tackle the heaviest loads with RipGuard™ technology to prevent rips and tears
2. LeakGuard® Technology: Guard against leaks with two-layer protection designed to trap liquids in the bag
3. Reinforced Bottom: Prevent leaks and keep your can clean with a reinforced bottom
4. 7-Day Odor Control Guarantee: Neutralized food odors with Febreze® odor control


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