Zip Zip Hooray!

Thanks to River Riders for the invite!

This year has definitely been a crazy year for all of us.  Many of us have been stuck inside for months. Now that summer is officially here there are still so many restrictions and fear of getting sick that we are still a little limited on where we can gather and what we can do for fun.  Well, if you are in the DC Metro region, you are only about an hour away from some great outdoor fun!

My friends and I decided to head to Harpers Ferry, a town right on the border of Maryland and West Virginia with beautiful mountains, forrests, and waterways for some zip lining fun at “River Riders!” When life gives you social distancing restrictions, go zip lining!
The entire course takes about three hours and the guides were very careful to adhere to both safety throughout the course and precautions for any viral spreading.  There are seven different zip lining stations, my favorite was the one that goes over the water.  Our guides were fun and very informative and they gave us great tips on where to eat and what cool spots there are to go camping.
The weather is perfect right now for all the activities that River Riders offer, it is not just zip lining.  They have water tubing, kayaking and rafting as well.  This year has definitely made me realize how much I take for granted the beautiful nature that we have in our region.  Being stuck at home has made me appreciate the trees and the breeze and the sun.  If you have felt the same way, go out and have fun outdoors, remember what it was like to be a kid again!


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