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This year I decided to create my own costume and spend less money! I did my research online and look into my closet to see what to dress up like! I made the great and smart decision to be a Military woman with a little mix of Tomb Raider.

Lara Croft is the gun packing heroine from a video game and film, she is busty, athletic, she is super interesting and strong! (I feel like I am like her) lol if you want to be a sexy heroin with brains this is the right outfit for you.

Clothes and accessories can be found at Amazon, the pants I got them at H&M and my top is from forever21. I know make up is really important, and since I am dress up as a military, it has to be dark, tan and really strong; my great friend Grace was in charge of that and she did an awesome job!

Here are the details of where to buy every single thing and how to save some money. The pants and the top you can wear them another time without having to dress up for halloween, the boots are so comfortable that can be wear again all Winter long.

I had so much fun taking these pictures, thanks to the one and only, Pepe for the idea and for such an amazing production with this pics! You can add a knife or a gun depending of what look you want to give it, be careful walking around with these accessories because some places wont let you in.

Happy Halloween everyone! if you are in the DMV are and want to party, make sure you go to La Tasca in Rockville on 10/27 (see you all there)



Boots: here



Pants: here 

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    October 23, 2018 at 12:44 pm

    This is pretty clever you look great in it. And very smart that you gave us links for that stuff directly.


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