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My favorite Mexican place in town!!

  Ladies and gentlemen, Washingtonians, fellow bloggers and bloggerettes, lend me your ear! You ‘ve heard of “Taco Tuesday,” well now add “Tacos, Tortas, and Tequilas” to your culinary vocabulary, the restaurant where it is now Taco Tuesday every day of the week in Silver Spring! What did you say? You want something a little

Road trip driving a Mitsubishi Outlander Sport!

If you have an active lifestyle like I do, then having a car that suits your everyday needs is essential! I need a vehicle that has enough room for my exercise gear, groceries, and of course the impromptu shopping spree. Which is why a car like the Mitsubishi Outlander Sport 2018 is perfect for me.

Intense workout thanks to Under Armour

  Under Armour has taken the athletic and workout world by storm! In a field so competitive and often dominated by companies that have been around for several decades, it is great to see that a local company (from MD) is now one of the big boys as well. Which is why I was beyond

Adventures at Harpers Ferry!

As you all know I love outdoors activities 🙂 specially during summer time. This past weekend I took my family to Harpers Ferry which is really close to the DMV area (1 or 2 hours the most) There are a few activities that you can try and here are the details of what we did.

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