Belu went to Cabo!


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Making the decision to book this trip was really difficult with everything that is going on with the pandemic.  But now that I am back I know for sure that it was the best thing I could have done to celebrate my birthday!

This is the third year that I celebrate my birthday in another country and I really want this to be part of my achievable dreams for the years to come.
This pandemic has taught me so much, and one of those things is to cease the moment and to live life to the fullest.  That is why after so many days of analyzing the pluses and minuses of traveling, I decided to take all the precautionary safety measures and I headed to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.
I traveled Southwest which is one of my favorite airlines for continental flights and because they are still not filling the flights to capacity to prevent the spread of the virus.  The middle seat is kept empty and you can see the details of their disinfecting protocol on their website.
I decided to stay at Hard Rock Resort because it is all inclusive and I had no plans of leaving the hotel, this time my mission was to let go, read, take in the sun and relax to the fullest!  This hotel is incredible, both the service as the amenities are perfect for this type of vacation.  The only thing I did not like is that you cannot go swimming on the beach because the waters are very rough due to the union of the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific at that point.  Nevertheless, I still enjoyed the beautiful beach.
Tu keep myself and others safe, I did the following:  I took the Covid-19 test before traveling, although it is not mandatory for travel, used my mask during the flight and in the hotel (while inside), constantly washed my hands, and carried hand sanitizer and towels during the flight.  Everything was done with caution but also without fear.
Once I got back I took the test again to make sure that I arrived safe and infection free and all the precautionary measures worked, my test was negative!
The truth is that it was a very different form of traveling, of enjoying life and letting go but I was able to focus on me.  My trip was filled with tranquility, with peace, and with gratitude for everything that happened this year of life and for what is to come in this next one.
I celebrated the start of my 34th birthday in the restaurant “Sunset Monalisa” where the sunset in Cabo is perfect and the food is delicious! I hope that this post helps you overcome the fear of traveling, to take proper safety measures, and to adapt to the new norms and regulations of the times.


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