Beauty Binge Watching

This post is sponsored by 7th Heaven, but the content and opinions expressed here are my own. 7th Heaven is part of Montagne Jeunesse International.

I believe I have mentioned in the past that I am the undisputed binge watching queen of the Western Hemisphere. I can sit for hours non-stop and crank out episodes like they were Saturday morning cartoons. With all that time to devote to watching, why not kill two birds with one stone and pamper yourself while you’re at it? 7th Heaven has just the products for that! Their peel-off masks made from a wide range of ingredients from all over the planet make binge watching now a beautifying process. I’m going to call it “Beauty Binge Watching!”

7th Heaven masks are perfect for getting ready for your special date on Valentine’s Day, especially with Valentine’s Day around the corner. No date? No problem! Do you think guys sit around sulking because they don’t have a date on Valentine’s Day? Nope, they grab a beer and watch basketball all night as happy as they can be. So ladies, make it your personal lady’s night and show yourself some love! Get some bubbly, my favorite is prosecco, order your favorite take out, and treat yourself to your own spa thanks to 7th Heaven.

You will not break the bank, 7th Heaven peel-off masks are affordable. If you are binge watching then you have plenty of time to set aside for the mask to make you glow. How many times have you put off a mask because you were too busy? And all of 7th Heaven masks are cruelty-free certified, so be beautiful without the guilt! So there you have it, Beauty Binge Watching by Belu, lol! How are you spending your beautifying day?


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