The growth I’ve experienced over the last several years as a blogger!


Having a channel where I can show others my ideas, my thoughts, my suggestions on how to live a healthy and happy life is what I have always wanted, it just took me a little longer to see that the vehicle to do so was there all along through the world wide web.

When I first began my lifestyle blog I thought it would be something fun to try for a while but I never saw it as more than just a hobby, similar to how blogger Alicia Lund of “Cheetah is the New Black” began her blogging experience.  I have a degree in Journalism and have been blessed with the opportunities to work on all forms of media, including radio, television, and print.  When I began my blog over six years ago I did not realize the power of social media to reach an audience, and it gets stronger every year.  Every once in a while I will wonder if I am making a difference in anybody’s life, and then I will get a message that I have inspired someone to work out more, or somebody shares their heartfelt story with me and two strangers in completely different parts of the world immediately bond.

The most important thing for me is to be honest and to be myself in all my posts.  What you see and read about me is who I am, it’s what you get.  I want people to be able to identify with me and vice versa, and I think being grounded and down to earth is the best way.  Yes, the glamour models of the world make their “ideal” lives look incredible as they drink champagne in San Trope, but I am just as happy drinking my prosecco on the Potomac in Washington, DC and that is a tangible reality people can relate to.

I love to travel, and I have shared my experiences with my readers along the way, including my fear of flying.  I am not afraid to share my fears, because I have found that the world has wonderful people who are there to listen and are willing to share their advice or just provide a kind word to make others feel better.  In my travels I have met so many great people, and have learned so much about foods, music, drinks, and of course humans and our beautiful differences.  I have made great contacts in Philadelphia and Memphis because of my blog and I am constantly meeting awesome people across the world.

Keeping abreast of the latest technologies, the latest trends and also the laws affecting them, such as what we are seeing with TikTok is also very important.  Blogging does not entail just posting a cool story, it forces you to become very savvy in the umbrella that encompasses all of social media.  I also relate with Shayy Irving, that even though she has an acting career, she makes sure to keep in touch with her fans and the community using social media and keeping up with all the new trends such as TikTok.

What platforms are beneficial for what content for example, or if you are partnering with a business how do you get their message out to the right audience?  All these things are crucial for your outreach and your growth, and this knowledge has made me into a social media marketing specialist.

Being a blogger is a fun and wonderful experience.  To see my audience grow and to see what their needs are in regard to content allows me to always be improving myself as a person, as a writer, and in return allows me to show that new part of me in my posts.  To have just one person read what you have to say about anything important in your life is a humbling experience.  I thank my readers for constantly humbling me.



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