Healthy mind, healthy life…


This is a Recap of my year fun workouts….

A healthy mind is priceless

Back when I was in middle school I used to have a friend whose older sister would go out and jog if she was ever stressed out.  She would literally drop what she was doing, change into her sweats and run for a couple of hours.  Mind you, I was in middle school, so just the thought of exercise at that time was not even remotely on the radar, let alone the understanding of stress and the need to find activities to help you unwind.  Well, I am no longer in middle school (thank God), but I am a grown adult, and I never read the part of the manual that said life would throw monkey wrenches at you whenever it wanted!  What are the five “d’s” of “dodge-ball” again?

What is mental health?  I am glad you asked!  It turns out that what’s inside your coconut can have some seriously physical repercussions if you don’t find ways to relieve any built up stress and anxiety.  Panic attacks, chest pains, shortness of breath, nervous ticks, depression, yup, that’s just to name a few.  Which is why exercise is crucial to not just a healthy body, but a healthy mind as well.  These are my tried and true routines that I do that help alleviate my stress, and at the same time help me get in shape.  Remember, all of us are different, so what may work for me does not necessarily mean it will work for you, but if you have never tried, check it out.

First of all, find an exercise, program, or sport that can make the time fly.  Have you ever tried kickboxing, or any type of martial arts?  Now, I am not talking about cardio kickboxing, which is cool and will work as well, but I am talking about self-defense.  It is incredible how intense these workouts can be, and you literally are swept away from the real world.  It is perfect for that mental release, and you learn a technique that could help you as well to protect yourself, it’s a win-win for your mind, body and soul.

Speaking about soul, have you tried yoga?  Yes, I know, it has been trending for about five and half solid years now.  It has almost  single-handedly crashed Instagram once or twice.  But for those of you who still have not tried it, what are you waiting for?  You have to concentrate so much on the poses and on whether you really should be wearing those pants that you don’t have time to worry about who got cut out from the Christmas list this year because you did not get that bonus.  It really is a healthy option for your mental well-being, worth looking into if you still have not done it.

Lastly, you are what you eat!  There are foods that are literally there to help us feel better, and no, I hate to tell you that that delicious burger you had for lunch is not one of them.  I actually have given up meat all together.  The food system in the United States is a joke, I am not going to even get started on here, but let’s just say it is not there to feed you in a healthy manner.  Eat foods with nutrients proven to boost your mental health, like salmon and fruits, and sweet potatoes.  Do you realize how healthy a sweet potato is?  Anyway, there is so much goodness out there, we are just used to eating all the crap, because, yes, it does taste good.  But obesity is no laughing matter, and it will affect your mental wellness.

Mental health is no joke, and even if you do your part to keep your stress levels at a manageable level, sometimes life just happens, and we cannot fight all of our battles alone, we need help.  Friends, family, support groups and facilities such as are there to bring stability back into our lives, we cannot do it all.  If after trying to exercise and eat right you are still not overcoming those battles, seek help, do no sink further into your hole.  But remember, nobody can help you unless you take that first step.  Try a couple of the things I mentioned above, it very well may be a healthy step forward for you.


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