Keepin’ it real with “The Chi” on Showtime



Binge watching has become the craze as of late. I would rather completely miss full seasonsI of a show and catch up by watching as many episodes back to back that my eyes and my psyche can take, rather than sitting and waiting anxiously for episodes week after week. “Ain’t nobody got time for that!” However,  SHOWTIME has me watching their new drama “The Chi” the old fashioned way. “The Chi” is about the hard life out in these streets, in this case on the southside of Chicago. Their series premiere introduces you off the brink to a life in a very real world in parts of this country. We ain’t talking about picket fences and caramel lattes either. If you are a fan of vice flicks that keep it real, than you need to catch “The Chi” because they do not play, it’s on and poppin’ in the first five minutes.

I am not one to give away any spoilers, but just so you are aware, the show does give you a glimpse into a sad part of everyday life happening in minority communities. Although sad, it is very real, and is a part of the 6 o’clock news in any given station across the country. “The Chi” just gives faces and stories behind the would-be headlines, and that is what reels you in. The fact that behind a particular crime, there is a loved one suffering. That a low income community is still a community, not a statistic or a rating boost for the “News at 11.” That sometimes being a product of your environment is an actuality, and not an excuse.

As a former news reporter, I have had the unfortunate experience of reporting on tough situations. “The Chi” reminds me of the stories that are often reported and forgotten about because many people in the world cannot relate, unless you truly live in that type of urban life. I can say that I do not, but I have seen it, and “The Chi” allows me to learn more about what it is like for those who do. It brings me closer to a world that is often ignored because of the color of the skin of a community, and opens my eyes to the pain and sorrow as well as the strength and beauty of this life.

Thanks to Showtime you can watch the first episode for free if you use the code THECHI30 at Showtime  for an exclusive 30-day free trial. (expires 4/1/18) You can catch up on The Chi on your phone, tablet, computer, or smart TV!. I know for a fact this is going to be one series I will not be able to wait for the next episode. But you don’t have Showtime you say? Well neither do I, but exclusively for new subscribers there is a free trial if you use the code THECHI30, check it out here (link Get your free trial on, watch “The Chi” series premiere on SHOWTIME and let’s all catch up virtually Trust me, this is a show you will not want to miss!


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