My solo trip to Portugal!


Hey guys!

It took me a little bit longer to write this post just because my mind is still in Portugal! Last year before my birthday (9/15) I made the decision of waking up in a different part of the world every September 15th to celebrate myself with different people on a different environment and learning from other cultures.

This year I decided to go to Portugal and I think it was the best decision I have made this year so far! I had no idea what Portugal offered or why people were not talking about it but most important I did not know anything about it until a new friend mentioned it and I went for it!

Portugal is a small cute and fascinating country in Europe that borders Spain, I was so confident that people will speak Spanish there that when I tried and they had no idea what was I saying I got surprise! lol Portuguese is their main language and most of the people that live in Portugal speak English but not Spanish.

I stayed at Villamoura which is part of the Algarve. I have no idea how to explain to you how beautiful the entire area is. Beaches, marinas, boardwalks, small cities, everything! I talked to my Uber driver the day I got there and I asked him to please take me to all the Algarve which is a group of several beaches that each of them offer something different.

I went to 13 different ones but my favorite one was Praia de Luz (Beach of Light) it was super peaceful, pretty views and tons of space to walk around. There is no way to go wrong if you go to Portugal, just make sure you visit Faro, Lagos, Porto and of course the capital Lisbon.

I went to Lisbon for 2 days and I loved there architecture, their history and how wonderful their cuisine is there! Make sure you stop by the pink street, the Belem Castle and you try the pastel de nata.

This is most is so brief just because I want to encourage you all to travel more, even to places that were never mentioned to you in the past, places that are not “popular” or you never thought of. I went to Portugal with my heart and my mind open for new beginning, new friendships and of course new experiences; I came back full of love, of peace and most important with myself confidence even stronger since I went alone and learn a lot more about myself!

Here are some pics about my trip and I posted a lot more on my IG so make sure you follow me there!




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