Loving these looks from Femme Luxe


In the last 6 months, I have been trying to change my closet and focus on as simple and comfortable as possible. I have not bought any clothes for some time and looking to donate what I do not use and sincerely I have been achieving it little by little although it has cost me to detach!

I received a couple of things from the store Femme Luxe and I love how comfortable & easy to wear they are! For example, the black set (lounge wear sets) can be combined with heels, sandals, sports shoes & even with t-shirts!

Here you have a couple of options, this one here is a crop top (co-ords) that can be used as a pajama, for a relaxing day outside, to the gym, or however you want to! The store has really good clothes with great quality and the prices are great! Take a look and let me know!

Also, what do you do with clothes that you do not wear anymore? donate them? keep them? Is it hard to clean your closet?



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