I never knew driving could be this FUN!


We got a chance to check out the new 2017 Mazda 6 for a whole week thanks to DriveShop and there are not enough superlatives to go around to describe the experience and the car!

The Mazda 6 is a luxury sedan with an MSRP range from $21,000 to $31,000, depending on the package.  We got the privilege to enjoy the new 2017 Grand Touring fully loaded model, and believe me when I tell you that the use of  “privilege” is truly justified!  The design is sleek and eye catching, elegant and sporty, and the inside is straight out of a James Bond movie.  Leather heated seats, auto and sports manual transmission, heads up display, Bose stereo speakers, sunroof…let’s put it this way, the only thing this beauty did not come with is an ejector seat and smoke screen.

The ride is very smooth, and for a 4 cylinder engine this baby can haul serious butt!  And oh yeah, 29 MPG average, so you’re not going to feel that dent in your pocket.  Mazda has stepped it up and can hang with the best of them, it is clearly evident with the Mazda 6.   Why pay twice as much somewhere else for the same exact features, when the Mazda 6 is literally the complete package.

Lastly, did I mention to you how much I love music and that I have an inability to read a map or know my coordinates?  Well, have no fear, because XM radio and navigational display are here!  Yes, this car even tells you when a stop sign is coming, or if you are from the DC area, the heads up display will let you know where the speed cameras are.  Let me repeat that Washington, DC, the Mazda 6 TELLS YOU WHERE THE SPEED CAMERAS ARE!

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