Do not lose it, get TILE


Those who know me well know that I am a wine lover. I have not met a grape that I did not like!  For my 30th birthday photo shoot I could think of no better place than a vineyard.  This is why Tile is now going to be an essential part of my wine exploration.

A dear friend of mine gave me one of the coolest gifts any wine aficionado could get, a portable wine accessory kit in the shape of a bottle!  It is truly an awesome gift, so awesome that it often gets passed around and grows legs and starts to wander!  Have you ever been with friends after a beautiful afternoon of vino in the veins?  Nobody remembers where anything is!  You better believe from this point on that Tile will save the day when I need to track my beloved gift down.

Tile is one of those things that comes along and makes you wonder instantly how in the world you lived without this amazing gadget for so long!  We live in a world of GPS, where all of us can track our position in the entire world and get from point A to point B like it’s nothing.

Well, the geniuses at Tile have started a new tracking technological revolution, one that will benefit all of us when we misplace our prized possessions.  Although my wine accessory kit will be the first thing I Tile, you better believe I am ordering a few more for at least three other things!  Check out the beautiful story of a little panda bear who finds his way back home thanks to Tile on their official website,

The fact is that the possibilities for Tile are endless, all of us have something that we would be devastated if we lost. My wine accessory kit is dear to me because of who gave it to me, let’s face it, I could get any other kit if I did lose this one.  But the memory in my case is what is important, and those things are really the most valuable things in life.  Thanks to Tile, I know I have a chance at holding on to that emotional connection that my beloved gift gives me each time that I use it.  Tell everyone you know about this, we all have something we want to cherish that now with Tile on our side, if we misplace it, together we find again.


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