Protein Packed Snack to Fuel Your Day




We all know what it’s like to deal with that mid-afternoon slump. If only you just had the perfect snack to tide you over, right? Well, whether you’re looking to stave off your kids’ after-school hunger, or on a quest for your own energy-boosting pick-me-up to get you through the rest of the day, having a satiating, nutritious snack on hand is an absolute must.

So get ready to combat that between-meal fatigue with these energizing bites that won’t disappoint! Personally I get really hungry and in need of protein after I work out but it has beed so hard to find the right protein special after an early morning workout. Now that Dannon Oikos has their own Protein yogurt I am so exited to add this to my healthy routine. I can eat this as a snack between breakfast and lunch or right after my workout. The combination with the yogurt makes it fresh and delicious.

Remember to balance your diet with enough protein, water and exercise so you can see results. Oikos Protein Crunch Greek Yogurt has 17g of protein, 6g of fiber and no artificial sweeteners. 17g of protein in a snack is amazing and makes it easy for me to hit my daily protein intake.Protein can reduce hunger and can boost metabolism. It also helps with building muscle. Having high protein snacks will also help you keep going with a lot of energy during the day. I always have some good and healthy snack with me, do you?

Find your favorite Oikos Protein crunch Greek Yogurt at your local Walmart all make sure you take advantage of this ibotta offer.



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