My trip to Holbox – Mexico

Holbox is a small island in Mexico 2 hours from Cancún.

This trip was not planned for 2022, however, it had been on my mind for over a year and it finally happened.
What do you need to know about this island?
You have to fly into Cancún airport (there is a direct flight from Baltimore on Southwest), take a bus, taxi or private car to El Puerto de Chiquilla where there is a ferry every half an hour to the island. It is recommended that you buy a roundtrip ticket to save you some Mexican pesos.
Where do you stay?
The majority of hotels in Holbox are cabin style rooms, hostels, and without a doubt are clean, comfortable and very close to the ocean.  There is a lot of construction with future hotels on the horizon that will be much bigger, and perhaps offer more luxurious franchise amenities.
Where to eat?
There are many local restaurants where you will be able to find fresh handmade tortillas, chilaquiles, huevos rancheros and organic juices for breakfast. For you pizza lovers out there, there is a very famous spot with lobster pizza, there are street corn vendors everywhere and there are even vegan restaurants if that is your preference.
For fun activities you can rent bicycles or golf carts to go from one end to the other of the island, from Punta Cocos to Punta Mosquito and there you can enjoy the ocean to the fullest.  It is here where the Caribbean Sea joins the Gulf of Mexico.
There are spectacular places for pictures, videos, and there are cultural murals throughout the island!
This was my trip to Holbox 😉


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