Celebrating Pride!

gay pride

Photos: Aurora Samperio 

I write the following not to change anyone’s views or opinions, but for the simple fact that I believe in love, respect for others, tolerance, and the right to be happy no matter what your gender or sexual preference is.

During Pride Month I celebrate with all those persons who decided to make the very difficult decision to come out to their families, often times with parents who are difficult and not open to what it means to be gay. Those who took the leap against judgemental friends, bosses who discriminate, and the uncertainty of the unknown once someone comes out. I celebrate today, this month and all the years because when one falls in love, obstacles do not exist. When one loves with intensity that is what is priceless. Many will use religion and the bible as an argument against being gay, the irony being that some of the bible’s most important teachings are based on love for one another without judgement.

pride celebration

This month I too am proud of myself, of friends who took that leap, and for all of those who seek equality in a world where one person is an individual and not a category. In a world that is so un-perfect why do some people think that they are better than others and have the right to judge and hate?

gay pride

May unconditional love be what keeps you longing for another day, regardless of with whom it is as long as you love and are happy without hurting anyone. I will continue celebrating that happiness because that is what my life is about as well, and that is how I choose to live. During Pride Month and throughout your life, I hope you choose to love also.

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