Mitsubishi Outlander Sport… Can I keep it?


As a lifestyle blogger you end up having to do quite a lot on the road.  Your car ends up becoming your office, your changing room, and of course your mode of transportation around town and across the country.  I got the privilege to check out the new Mitsubishi Outlander Sport for a week and I have to say that this was the closest a vehicle has come to being near perfect to my everyday lifestyle.

I honestly felt like Goldie Locks driving in this car, because it was just right!  It was not huge so the lines of sight were excellent.  It was not a tiny car either, so I felt very safe, and it had plenty of cargo room for all of our camera equipment and clothes.  It was a very comfortable ride but sporty enough where you could feel the fun twists and turns of the road.

The most impressive thing though was that I drove this car all around town for an entire week, back and forth into D.C., to the airport, you name it, and in one week of constant use I only used up half a tank of gas!  And if you are familiar with the DC Metro region, you know that between the beltway, the horrible rush hours, and just the everyday hustle of the Nation’s Capital, that is no easy task by any vehicle.

The leather interior was beautiful.  It really is a great ride and you cannot beat the price.  It’s a cool looking car, ready to take you on a four-wheel drive journey to your next camping trip as easily as it will take you to the grocery store.  It will fit four comfortably, five as long as everyone works out.  I really, really did not want to give this car back!  If you are in the market for an economic, sleek looking and sporty SUV, then give this one a test drive, I think you will enjoy it.


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