Pleated skirt look…

One of spring’s biggest fashion trends this year is a pleated skirt. You have tons of options of how to wear them. High heals, sandals, sneakers, flats; you name it! You can pair them up with, t-shits, blouses, blazers anything and everything will look great with pleated skirts. Once you find the pleated skirt that

Poke Bowls are delicious! Loving Poke Papa

A year ago Poke Papa arrived to the DC area, specifically in China Town! These Hawaiian bowls are unique and delicious. The seafood-centric restaurant offers a variety of meal options including ahi tuna, salmon, yellowtail, shrimp, octopus, and tofu. It is like eating sushi but in a bowl! You can mix this up with other

Graphic tees!

As spring gets closer, more and more 2018 trends are starting to show up everywhere, specially on social media. One of those trends gaining traction is definitely graphic tees. Personally I am a 100% fan of graphic tees and sweaters, I think I use them all year long! I just think it is super fun

Keepin’ it real with “The Chi” on Showtime

  Binge watching has become the craze as of late. I would rather completely miss full seasonsI of a show and catch up by watching as many episodes back to back that my eyes and my psyche can take, rather than sitting and waiting anxiously for episodes week after week. “Ain’t nobody got time for

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Belu Barriga

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